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Although, for many, religion plays a less significant role in daily life nowadays, for centuries, the church had a major impact on everybody.

As with many industrial areas, from the 18th century onwards, the Heanor area saw a dramatic swing away from the Established Church towards the non-conformism.

A search of the Society's newsletters has found reference to some fifty-two churches and chapels in our area. Some, of course, are long gone, while others continue as places of worship today. In some cases, the buildings remain, but with a different use.

This page merely lists the known premises.

Eventually, separate pages will be added wherever sufficient information can be obtained. It has to be accepted, though, that some will never get more than this single reference to them.

Aldercar St. John's

Wright Street Primitive Methodist Chapel, Codnor

Aldercar St. Johnís

Codnor Bethesda Chapel

Codnor Breach Quakers Meeting House

Codnor Castle Chapel (mediaeval)

Codnor Christian Science Church

Codnor Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

Codnor Methodist Church

Codnor Primitive Methodist Chapel

Codnor St. James (Crosshill Church)

Codnor United Methodist Free Church

Codnor Wesleyan Chapel

Heanor Baptist Chapel, Heanor Common (Derby Rd)

Heanor Calvinist

Heanor Christadelphian Hall

Heanor Free Church, Midland Road

Heanor Free Methodist Chapel, Mount Street

Heanor Friends Meeting House

Heanor Independent Chapel

Heanor Latter Day Saints

Heanor Mansfield Road Methodist Chapel

Heanor Methodist Chapel, Tagg Hill

Heanor Pentecostal Church, Hands Road

Heanor Presbyterian Chapel, Abbott Street

Heanor Primitive Methodist Chapel, Park Street

Heanor Salvation Army Citadel, Derby Road

Heanor St. Lawrence

Heanor Spiritualist Church, Bircumshaw Road

Heanor Wesleyan Chapel

Langley Chapel (United Reformed Church), Breach Rd

Langley Friends Meeting House

Langley Methodist Chapel

Langley St. Mary's

Langley Mill Baptist Chapel

Langley Mill Kingdom Hall of Jehovahís Witnesses

Langley Mill Mission Church, Elnor Street

Langley Mill Primitive Methodist

Langley Mill St Andrews

Langley Mill United Methodist

Langley Mill Wesleyan Chapel

Loscoe Baptist Chapel/Schoolroom

Loscoe Mission Church, Denby Lane

Loscoe Primitive Methodist Chapel

Loscoe, St. Luke's

Marlpool All Saints

Marlpool Cemetery Chapels

Marlpool Church of the Sacred Heart

Marlpool Congregational Chapel

Marlpool Independent Chapel

Marlpool Mount Zion Chapel

Marlpool United Reformed Church

Milnhay Independent Chapel

Milnhay Primitive Chapel

Shipley Hall Chapel

Smalley Baptist Chapel

Smalley St. John the Baptist

Stoneyford Mission Church

Heanor Wesleyan, 1902

Langley St. Mary's, 1908

Loscoe St. Luke's under construction, 1937

Marlpool, All Saints Church

Christadelphian Hall, Derby Road, Heanor

St. Andrews, Langley Mill, c. 1913

(It is likely that this list contains some errors and omissions - please let us know. In particular, the author is not fully up to speed with the different branches of the Methodist movement. There is also likely to be some duplication, as chapels changed their names over the years.)

If anyone is sitting on a history of any of the above, please get in touch - use the ContactUs page.

We are grateful to the following persons for letting us have copies of photographs: Colin Pounder (Wesleyan Church), Neville Sharpe (Loscoe Church), and Terry Smith (Langley St Mary's)

Last modified on 25 November 2013 08:33