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The aim of this page is to chart the development of the web site - if you're an infrequent visitor, you can check here to see what has changed since you last visited. The page only lists major alterations and additions (including new photographs).

Date Change/Addition
28/4/12 The 2012/13 Programme is published. (Sorry it's not been a good year for new pages!)
12/9/11 Our latest publication is launched - The Origin of Heanor & District Street Names.
19/6/11 The 2011/12 Programme is available.
24/1/11 New page on Heanor Memorial Park
6/9/10 New page on the Heanor Baptist Church
30/8/10 New page on Ormonde Colliery.
8/4/10 The 2010/11 Programme is published.

A new page on the craftsmen's workshops of Britannia Park

Another picture of he MGO bus crash on the Public Transport page


A new page on Stainsby House

More information and photographs on the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Langley Mill

15/7/09 A new publication on the history of the Heanor and District Omnibus Company
12/7/09 First hand account of the MGO bus accident on the Public Transport page

New page on the Heritage Corner at Heanor Antiques Centre

New page on the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses at Langley Mill

11/3/09 The 2009/10 Programme is available.
1/3/09 Aerial photograph of Codnor Castle North Court
6/12/08 New Photographs: Red Lion Square and Smalley Lodge on Local History Topics page; Heanor Market from the Church Tower; Fabrication shed at Vic Hallam's; and Heanor Gate Station and Cromford Canal at Stoneyford on the Transport page.
26/9/08 New page on photographs of Shipley by Alfred Seaman, circa 1890
13/5/08 Our newest publication can now be seen: Follow the Master: A History of Heanor Grammar School, 1893 - 1976. Orders can be placed on-line using PayPal
2/5/08 A new page on the war memorials of Heanor Grammar (Secondary) School
10/4/08 Two additions to the Committee Members page, following the AGM.
1/4/08 The 2008/9 Programme is now available.
11/12/07 Amendment to the Aristoc page to show the names of the three girls featured.
20/9/07 New page on Vic Hallam Ltd
13/9/07 Two new photographs on the Churches and Chapels page
17/6/07 Photograph of a Hartshorn carriage on the Useful Links page
22/4/07 A complete Newsletter Index (from 1970 to present time) is now on-line. The page also has a photo of a Gypsy caravan at Langley Mill
7/3/07 The 2007/8 Programme is now shown
1/2/07 New Churches and Chapels page.
New page on Langley Mill Baptist Church
2/1/07 Addition to the Committee member page
1/11/06 New page on Aristoc
15/9/06 Page and photo gallery on Eastwood and Langley Mill Railway Station
8/7/06 Photograph of bus crash on the Public Transport page.
18/5/06 Article and picture on a neolithic stone axehead found at Laceyfields - see Marlpool &  Langley
13/3/06 New page - photo gallery of Postcards of Shipley
New page - the 2006/7 Programme of the Society
"Another Foxhole Spirit" added to the Ghost Stories page.
7/2/06 Additional text and pictures in the Other Displays page, covering our exhibition at the Ripley Tourist Information Office.
12/1/06 George Bissill, and two of his paintings, added to Noted People
8/12/05 New Page - The Ballad of Henry Garnett
1/11/05 Two additional pictures on Britannia Park.
Five additional pictures on the Langley Mill in flood page
4/10/05 New Page - Britannia Park
1/9/05 Photograph of Heanor Market Place during Royal Visit, 1914
13/7/05 1907 postcard of the Marlpool Cemetery chapels, on the Heritage Centre page.
3/7/05 A small gallery of photographs showing Langley Mill in flood.
22/5/05 Addition of article on Glew Lane in Forgotten Place Names
Photographs of life-membership award to George Eyre in Society News
14/4/05 Addition of the 2005-6 Programme
Photo of Co-op milk wagon on Station Road, Langley Mill

Photo of the main line through Langley Mill on the Railway page
06/3/05 New Page - Forgotten Place Names, including a photo of Hampden Street and 2 old maps
Two new photographs of Langley Baths and the Butchers Arms
13/2/05 New article on the Ghost Stories page, plus photograph of Loscoe Denby Lane
Photographs of Furnace Lane and Dam Cottage added to the Loscoe page.
12/1/05 New page on Aldercar Hall, and changes to the Langley Mill page
Articles on Billy Bestwick and AB Williamson added to Noted People
Ghost Stories page now includes short section on murders at Hardy Barn
Major news on the Heanor Heritage Centre
24/12/04 Publication of our new book "A Portrait of Heanor and District 1900 - 2004." Orders can be placed on-line using PayPal
14/12/04 New photograph of the Marlpool Congregational Church in 1937.
New photograph of lakeside road on the Shipley page.
1/11/04 New page on the War Memorials of the area
Addition of an old photograph to the Contact Us Confirmation page
2/10/04 New page on Ghost Stories around Heanor
Additional article on Langley Mill in 1840, added to Langley Mill page
Addition of old post card of Codnor Castle on Codnor page
15/9/04 Addition of the Mine Accidents page
Inclusion of website statistics on the Home page
Minor changes to the Other Displays page.
10/7/04 New page on the Rectors and Vicars of Heanor
Trial of accepting donations via PayPal - see Home Page or Membership
2/6/04 New page "Other Displays" on the work the Society is doing to promote an understanding of our local history.
Picture of British Film Institute plaque in Heanor Town Hall on Heanor Market.
Better picture of Trent Lock on the Canals page.
Better picture of Tissington Hall in the 2003/4 Programme page.
New photographs of society visit to Tissington Hall on the Society News page.
5/5/04 Addition of the 2004-5 Programme, plus a few additional links.
Changes to the Committee Members page after April's A.G.M.
17/4/04 Addition of page listing all regular bus routes of the MGO and Notts and Derbys Traction.
Addition of this page, listing major changes to the site.
13/3/04 Addition of text and photo of Elliott's Chip Shop on Heanor Pubs page
9/3/04 Launch of site



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