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The index covers from Newsletter 1, in January 1970, to the 289th edition in April 2006. Updates will be made periodically to the index, and will not normally be logged on the What's New page.

Please be aware that the index is 44 pages long, so it is quite a wordy document!

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We have endeavoured to index every reference to be found in our newsletters. This means, however, that there are many merely passing references. In order to try to make it more meaningful, more in depth references have been highlighted in bold in the Index.

But, just because an entry is in bold, this does not necessarily mean that there is a complete article on the subject. Rather, it is a reference which may be of benefit to a person researching this subject. The decision to highlight something in bold is totally subjective, so if you order a newsletter from us, and then find that it is of no use to you, you have been warned!

The index is not guaranteed to be error-free - it has been the work of one person over many hours. If any significant errors are found, please inform the society so that corrections can be made to future editions.

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An unusual picture, taken on Station Road, Langley Mill, outside Langley Mill Boys' School, captioned "The Caravan of the German Gipsey" (sic).
Can anyone shed any light on its origin?


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