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With the Heritage Centre being closed, your best bet of seeing a display of old Heanor will be at one of our temporary exhibitions. The Society sets up other displays from time to time, and takes part in various events in the town, and further afield. We also work with local schools, to assist them in projects for their pupils.


Heanor & District through the 20th Century

This display, at the Ripley Tourist Information Office in February 2006, was accompanied by the opportunity to watch the hour-long video Heanor's Past in Pictures. Separate panels concentrated on Industry, Education, Transport, etc.

We have held a number of displays previously at Heanor Town Hall - the photographs below show an exhibition on Heanor Schooldays.

Four separate display panels show past schooldays, from the early 1900's up to the 1970's, and most of the local schools are represented. In addition, a Victorian school desk, and a cabinet containing a number of items, from school caps and exercise books, to the dreaded cane, can also be seen.


The Society always holds a stall at the two open markets at Heanor, namely the May Day Market and the Christmas Market.

This picture shows our stall at the May Day Market 2004. Not the best of weather, so crowds didn't descend in their thousands, but it was still a chance for those who did come to have a look through a set of old pictures of the area, and a few everyday items on display.


As always at these events, the full range of available publications were on sale at the stall, and a good number of books and framed photographs are sold.


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