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The Heanor and District Local History Society has been publishing books on the local area since 1977.

Our main publications are pictured on the right, though not all are still available from bookshops.
We are currently working on reprinting some of our older publications, which are no longer available.

If you would like to purchase any of the available items from the Society, please use the Contact Us page, and we will forward details of where to send your payment.

Main Publications


Publication No. 1, "The Origin of Heanor and District Street Names", was published in 1977, and with an enlarged reprint in 1992 (it probably needs another reprint soon, with all the new housing!). An invaluable guide to the naming of streets in the area covered by the old Heanor Urban District Council, many of which have a historical background. (Not currently available - revised edition planned.)


"Two Centuries of Transport in the Heanor Area," published in 1978 and reprinted with additions in 1984 and 2006, covers the local canals, railways and public transport. (Available from the Society, priced 3 plus postage.)


"Around Old Heanor," (1982), gives a photographic record of a number of historical features of our area - chapter titles include, "Street Scenes," "Public Houses," and "Vanished Buildings." (No longer available.)


"Life in Old Heanor," first published in 1983, gives a cradle to grave view of what life was like for the local people in Victorian and Edwardian times, with chapters entitled "Childhood," "Marriage and the Home," and "Funerals." (No longer available.)


For those with a memory of the area, "Heanor - Then and Now," published in 1987, shows a fascinating comparison of old and new (well, they were new then!) photos taken from the same vantage point, revealing just how much things have changed. (No longer available.)


"A History of Mining in the Heanor Area" (1993, reprinted 2006) concentrates on the major industry of the area, from the development of the local coalfield to the final closure of the last pit in 1970 - there are chapters on working conditions, children miners, and an explosion at Shipley Coppice Colliery in 1943. (Available from the Society, priced 6.00 plus postage.)


"A Portrait of Heanor and District 1900 - 2004" (2004) has 144 pages of photographs of the area. See the separate page for details and information about ordering. (Available from the Society, priced 7.50 plus postage.)


"Follow the Master: A History of Heanor Grammar School, 1893 - 1976" (2008)  details the history of the town's most prestigious school, from start to finish. See the separate page for details and information about ordering. (Available from the Society, priced 8.50 plus postage.)


"The Heanor and District Omnibus Company" (2009) is a 30 page booklet dealing with the history of this little-known company, which lasted from 1934 to 1938.  See the separate page for details and information about ordering. (Available from the Society, priced 2.50 plus postage.)


"The Origin of Heanor and District Street Names" (2011) is our latest publication. This third edition of our first book has been enlarged and totally revised, See the separate page for details and information about ordering. (Available from the Society, priced 6.00 plus postage.)

Occasional Papers

Although none have been published for many years, there were two early papers, not large enough for a full publication, but too big to fit in a newsletter:
No. 1 (1978) Heanor - its Coal Seams and the Industrial Revolution.
No. 2 (1979) Dispute between Sir John Zouch & Sir Henry Sacheveral 1580.
(Neither publication is now available.)


In 2000, the Society produced a video, "Heanor's Past in Pictures", in association with Past in Pictures Videos. The video, narrated by Simon Groome, is available from the Society (use the Contact Us page for further details) or direct from the manufacturers. It is now also available in DVD format - newly reduced prices are 8 (video) or 10 (DVD) (plus postage)!


For many years, the Society has been publishing an annual calendar, each month being illustrated with a photograph relating to the Heanor area. Priced only 3 plus postage (1.00 UK, 2.00 Europe, 3.00 elsewhere), the calendars can also be purchased at Society Meetings, or from several local shops. Orders can be made using the Calendar page.

The 2012 calendar shows an unusual shot of the Market Place and St Lawrence's Church, along with a climbing wall!

And don't forget our most regular publication, the monthly newsletters which contain a wealth of local historical information.

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