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So many of our local people have fought and died in major conflicts, and the area has a number of memorials to the fallen.

We will remember them.......

The oldest outdoor war memorial in the area is at Langley Mill, and commemorates four men from the area who died during the Boer War, 1899 - 1902. Now in the church yard, the memorial is older than the church itself, and was originally on the embankment between Station Road and the track which led to the Midland Railway Station.
Raised by public subscription, the four men were:

Lance Corporal John Thomas Hull, 1st Derbyshire M.I., killed at Blesboklaacte, Feby 12 1902.

Private William Hull, 45th Regiment, 1st Derbyshire, drowned in the Orange River, March 1 1901.

Corporal George Tansill, E Company, 2nd Batt Glouces Regiment, killed at Paardeberg, Feby 18 1900

Private Henry James Lane, 1st Batt, West Yorkshire Regiment, Died of Fever at Bloemfontein, May 29 1900

"Also to commemorate the Declaration of Peace, June 1 1902"


The memorial in the churchyard of St Lawrence, Heanor, was erected "To the Glory of God and in grateful memory of the men of Heanor Parish who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1919."
As Heanor Parish covered a wider area at that time, this explains the lack of memorials in some of the other parts of the area.

Antcliffe A.
Anthony B.
Bancroft T.H.
Barkes J.R.
Bassford J.
Battison H.
Beardsley H.
Benson T.H.
Bentley W.C.
Beresford T.A.
Bibbs E.J.B.
Binch C.E.
Bircumshaw J.
Birch C.H.
Blanchard E.
Booth T.
Brentnall J.G.
Brocklesby F.
Brown C.
Brown B.E.
Brown S.
Brown L.
Bunting W.H.
Burrows T.
Buxton J.H.
Careless J.T.
Carlin Scott
Carlin Stephen
Carlin H.
Cattle J.H.N.
Cattle E.S.
Cope T.W.
Crumpton T.
Dakin G.
Davey S.
Davey T.H.
Davenport W.
Doggatt J.
Dunn F.W.
Earnshaw W.
Ellis A.E.
Farnsworth P.
Farnsworth M.
Farnsworth S.

Fletcher C.L.
Flory W
Fogg J.J.
Fowkes W.
Fowkes J.
Fowler H.
Fretwell E.
Fretwell H.
Froggatt R.
Gaunt H.
Gillott J.W.B.
Gillott W.
Gilbert T.
Gilder W.
Gregg T.
Hambleton T.
Harrison L.
Hardy G.
Hawkins B.
Hickling A.
Hill J.G.
Hingley H.
Holmes R.
Holmes Albert
Holmes W.
Holmes Arthur
Holyland J.
Holyland C.
Noon A.
North J.W.
Hollis J.
Honey C.
Honey G.

Horsley J.E.
Housley J.W.
Hunt A.B.
Hutchinson E.
Hutchinson W.
Judge J.
Keeling A.E.
Kew A.W
Key W.J.
Kingdom W.
Kirk H.H.
Knight G.
Knight J.
Lacey L.
Lambert F.
Leivers G.
Lockton P
Lockton T.H.
Lomax G.F.
Luker F.
Martin N.A.
Martin A.
Martin H.
Martin J.
Martin S.
Marron A.
Marshall H.
Marshall G.W.
Marsh W.
Marsh S.H.
Masterman J.H.
May J.S.
Meakin S.
Mee J.
Miles E.
Mousley R.
Morgan F.W.
Muffett E.W.
Musson H.
Musson W.
Nelson A.
O'Brien H.E.
Oldershaw C.
Oldershaw F.R.

Place W.A.
Poole A.
Potter A.
Price J.
Rawson R.
Riley T.
Saxton W.
Saxton J.
Scraton F.
Sharley W.
Shelton R.
Sherlock G.
Siddons T.
Smith G.W.
Smith H.W.
Smith F.R.
Smith W.
Slater F.
Statham L.
Stafford J.W.
Stoddard R.C.
Stubley C.
Sutton J.W.
Tebbutt J.
Thornhill W.
Turner W.
Wadkinson G.S.
Wain E.
Walker H.
Walker W.H.
Watson J.
West H.
Weston J.
Whitney W.H.
Wilshire L.S.
Wilcockson J.
Wilcockson G.
Wood A.
Wood J.
Wood H.
Wright C.S.
Wright W.
Wright W.H.
Wyld H.
Yates H.


The War Memorial at Codnor takes the form of a lych gate at the entrance to the cemetery at St. James Church, Crosshill, rather than a conventional monument.

Inside, there are two plaques, one on either side, listing the fallen, and including the rank and regiment the men: Not surprisingly, the largest section is for men of the Notts and Derbys, the Sherwood Foresters.

The memorial is dedicated "In grateful memory of the men of Codnor and Loscoe who sacrificed their lives for their country in the Great War 1914 - 1919."

Royal Navy
Thomas Bunting AB
Fredk G Grainger OS
Herbert Mason OS
Griffin Walters OS
Ernest W. Ratcliffe PO
Cyril A. Eyre Flt.Cmdr.
E.G.A. Eyre Flt.SubLt
Royal Air Force
Chas H.B. Asher
Roy. Mar. Lt. Infantry
Herbert Marley Pte
Robert Shelton Pte
Derbys Yeomanry
William Yates Pte
Durham Lt. Inf.
George R. Butler Pte
Royal Scots
John Hanlon Pte
William E. Martin Sgt
John Graney Gnr
Albert Gratton Lieut
Hiran E. Langton Gnr
Harold Hicking Gnr
Grenadier Gds
James Glarke Pte
Notts & Derbys
Fredk. Adams Pte
Herbert Bamford Pte
Ernest Burgin Pte
Charles Birch Pte
Leonard Caulton Pte
William Clarke Pte
George Cowley Pte
John J. Corby Pte
H. Cresswell Pte
A. Darrington Pte
Herbert H. Haines Pte
M.W. Holbrook Pte
William Holmes Pte
Regd. W. Kniveton Pte
Charles Longdon Pte
James H. Mee Pte
Wm. G. Marshall Pte
Arthur Pacey Pte
Thomas Riley Cpl
James Wright Pte
Claude Wright L.Cpl
Thos. E. Whiteman Sgt
West Yorks
H.W. Cowlishaw Cpl
John Ainsworth Pte
George H. Steed Cpl
R. W. Fus
Fred R. Smith Pte
Henry T. Farmer RFM
H.T. Smedley RFM
Frank Severn Cpl
S. Wightman RFM
Harold Gaunt L.Cpl
R. Fusiliers
William Parkin Pte
R. Irish R.F.S.
John A. Parkin Pte
Army Cyclist Corps
Harold S. Hickling Sgt
Alfred H. Watson L.Cpl
South Staffs
Arthur Hubball Pte
Geo. W. Watson Sgt
Lanc. Fus.
Edwin Searson L.Cpl
John E. Noble Pte


Like many towns and villages across the country, the war memorial in Smalley commemorates the dead of two World Wars - few who set up the memorial after the "war to end all wars" would have thought that just twenty years later they would have to find space for another list of names.

Smalley's memorial is to be found at the entrance to the Richardson Endowed School, and technically commemorates the Roll of Honour of the school - in a village the size of Smalley there was probably little difference in having a school memorial rather than a village memorial.

The plaque for the 1939-45 conflict is not visible in the photograph, being below the level of the wall.

Annable Willis
Attenborough Thos.
Beardsley Harold
Daniels Sidney
Gillott Walter
Horsley Harold
Martin Reginald
Moss Wilfred
Smith Frank
Attenborough Ar.
Bacon Joseph
Clarke Arthur
Fletcher Albert
Green Thomas
Kerry Thos. Anthony
Mee George
Newton Harry
Toplis Cyril
Woodhouse John Arthur
Attenborough Fredk. H.
Beardsley George
Creswell Ernest
Fletcher Arthur
Honey George
Martin Leonard
Mee Mark
Skinner Harry
Wheatley Samuel
Abbot Roy
Bardill Cecil
Braddock Fred
Briggs Horace

Kimpton Ronald
Cardin Kenneth
Oates William
Chambers Ronald
Rodgers Harry
Weston Fred
While William


Aldercar's memorial is another which started with the first World War and was added to, a cross "erected in thankful remembrance of the men from this church and district who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914 - 1918"
T. Bricknell
R. Canlin
F. Canlin
L. Dakin
H. Hardy
W.E. Jarvis
W.H. Lovegove
H. Maxwell
C. Orrell
B.H. Potts
W.E. Renshaw
G. Sperry
W. Smith
W. Thornhill
F. Tilforth
H.H. Vernon
D. Whitehouse
J. Whiteman
T. Whiteman
W.E. Williamson
H.F. Wynn
A. Warren
An upper plaque added names from the Second World War:
H. Hitt, A. Hitt, R. Hitt, J. Smith, A. Teagle, W.H. Bailey, A.E. Hutchby, T.W.A. Bulliman.


A small memorial garden next to the Baptist School Room on Furnace Lane, Loscoe, was established "in grateful remembrance of the men of Loscoe who gave their lives in the war 1939 - 1945."

Allen Robert
Bennett Albert
Brewin Wilfred
Bunting Dennis W.
Burrows Geoffrey
Burton Leonard
Cripps Walter
Edwards Frank
Hutchinson Joe
Moon W.H.
Roome Harry
Turner Sam
Williams Leslie


Heanor Memorial Park has as it's centrepiece the memorial to "the men of the Heanor Urban District who fell in the Great War 1939 - 1945". (Covering the whole of the Urban District Council area, there are names here which also feature at Loscoe and Aldercar.)

Allen R.S.

Amos A.

Angell M.

Appleby G.

Ashmore C.

Austin J.M.

Baker Frank

Baker Fred

Bailey W.H.

Baldwin K.

Bamber T.F.

Barfield G.N.

Barfield N.

Barks T.W.

Beckett G.

Beer A.

Bennett A.

Bennieston F.

Berry E.

Bestwick C.R.

Bolton G.S.

Booth A.

Bower R.

Bradley E.

Bradley J.

Bray J.

Brewin W.

Brown C.W.

Brown J.

Brown J.E.

Brown P.E.

Brown RJ

Brown S.L.

Bulliman T.W.

Bunting D.W.

Burrows G.

Carpenter A.E.

Carpenter R.

Chambers E.

Clifton T.

Cook J.L.

Cooper J.R.

Cripps W.

Darrington H.A.

Daniel E.

Davis J.H.

Daykin A.G.

Draper I.

Duncan N.

Edwards F.

Eyre L.

Flint D.

Flint P.

Foulds A.E.

Fowler F.W.M.V.

Froggatt J.

Gilbert R.P.

Gotheridge F.

Groves J.

Halston S.

Hardy H.

Henshaw T.

Hibbert A.

Hibbert B.

Hill A.

Hitt A.

Hitt H.

Hitt R.

Hodgkinson A.

Holmes D.H.

Holmes R.W.

Holmes W.H.

Hutchby A.E.

Hutchinson H.

Hutchinson G.

Hutchinson J.

Jackson S.W.

Kemp W.

Knowles F.

Krawzyk K.

Langton L.M.

Lockton F.

Long F.

Longdon A.

Marden F.

Martin C.W.

Martin H.

Maycock A.

Mee A.

Milward J.T.

Moon W.H.

Mott H.

Mountford J.A.

Neale J.A.W.

Newton H.O.

Nicholson J.E.

Ottewell L.D.

Pacey H.

Palfreyman F.

Payne H.

Pearson H.

Powdrill K.M.

Preston A.A.

Prince A.

Pryor A.S.

Radford T.

Roome W.H.

Saxton T.

Seeds J.

Severn W.

Shardlow S.

Sharman L.R.

Shepherd G.

Simms E.

Simms Eric

Sloman W.G.

Smith G.H.

Smith J.

Smith-Cross W.A.

Staley D.

Steel F.

Stevens A.

Teagle A.

Tissington G.

Turner S.

Walker H.

Watson R.

Webster A.

Webster P.

White A.

Whitehouse A.

Wilber R.

Wiles G.R.

Williams L.

Wilson J.W.

Wright J.W.

Yates N.


See also the separate page on Heanor Memorial Park


In the seventy years since the Second World War, conflicts have continued, though thankfully casualties have been fewer.
The only post WWII memorial in the area has no names, but can be found near the entrance to the Memorial Gardens. "Erected by Amber Valley District Council as a tribute to all military and civilian personnel of the British forces killed and injured in the service of their country, and to show appreciation for the bravery of those involved. August 1982. Falklands Conflict"


They grow not old,
as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning,
We will remember them.


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