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Welcome to our NEW site

Happy Christmas!

Please read this first section… (but there’s important news below!)

(Several updates made on 17 December 2014)

Unless you are new to our site, you will know that we are gradually transferring our old website onto these new pages - it’s a long term project (well, months rather than days), so please bear with us. We decided not to wait until the whole site was ready (as we had lost the ability to update the old site at all, and couldn’t add the new season’s programme; also the old “Contact Us” page no longer worked). BUT, at the moment most of the new site is blank, but all of the old information is still there. The easiest way to visit the site in this intervening time is to go to the Site Information page - here there is a link to all our pages, whether on the old site or the new one. (We are also looking at adding a few  brand new pages during the update process)

Please note that when in the old site (i.e. on a page that doesn’t have this format), clicking the “Home” link will give you an error page. As and when pages are transferred to the new site, they will be deleted from the old one, and the buttons above will gradually have more sub-sections added for you to click on.

Although the aim at the moment is to get the original information back where it can be easily used, we will be “practising” with the new software, to see what else it can do, so we would welcome any feedback, positive or otherwise, about the new design.

The Heritage Corner at the Heanor Antique Centre is open for visitors, another way in which the Society ensures that our local history is not forgotten. The Heritage Corner is open whenever the Antiques Centre is open (daily, 10.30am - 4.30pm). We are grateful to Jane Richards for allowing us this display. For more information about the Heritage Corner, follow the link. And for details of the Heanor Antiques Centre, go to their website.

Our Publications Group is working on a number of different projects at present, with timescales which vary from a few months to several years. We know that not all of them will come to fruition, but we are equally willing to listen to anyone who has a project of their own and who is looking for someone to publish it. (As long as it is to do with the history of Heanor!!!!)

In the eleven years that this site has been on the world wide web, over 200,000 visits have been made, with over half a million page-views. Not bad for a site covering a small market town in Derbyshire! A  number of emails are received each month - some are dealt with very quickly, others need a bit of time to think about! But please get in touch if there is anything that you feel you can add.

The Britain from Above website contains a huge number of aerial photographs from the 1920s and 30s - this is just one taken in the Heanor area.

Click on the picture to see it enlarged, or look on our Britain from Above page for more.

Heanor Market Place, 1928


Heanor (in case you are just browsing and don't actually know) is a market town in Derbyshire, England, very close to the border with Nottinghamshire.  Not a major tourist area, but we are here to celebrate our history and heritage, which is as strong as anyone's!

In September 2006, research was published into the "most English" places in the country, based primarily on the analysis of names in the most recent census, which split the country's population into 200 ethnic groups. Heanor was declared the second-most English town in the country, after nearby Ripley, with almost 90% of the population being English in origin. Third came Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, and Boston in Lincolnshire came fourth. Whatever your views on what this means, at least it got the town's name mentioned! We hope you will find our site both interesting and informative. We aim for the site to undergo regular changes - most pages stay the same, but new additions come along (we hope) quite often, and eventually some items will also disappear.

So please keep coming back to see what changes we have made. If you've not visited for a while, have a look at the What's New page, where we keep a running log of changes made to the site.

In 2005 the British Library included this website in a national archive of "selected key UK websites - ensuring that invaluable scholarly, cultural and scientific resources remain available for future generations." Out of the hundreds of thousands of UK websites out there, only a tiny proportion are - only 10 are concerned with local history - so we are rather honoured at being asked!

The Society's interests extend well beyond this immediate area, and covers all the old Heanor Urban District Council area (including Langley Mill, Loscoe and Codnor), along with Shipley and Smalley.

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© Except where otherwise stated, the contents of this website are copyright of the Heanor and District Local History Society. If you want to use anything you find here, please ask - the chances are we won't mind.

Where items have not been prepared by the Society itself, we would like to thank the owners of copyright of the images and items used on this site for granting us the necessary permissions for their use. In some cases, despite our best efforts we have not always been able to locate the copyright holders. If you believe that any rights that are yours have inadvertently been infringed, we would ask you to contact us and to accept our apologies.

The Society is a registered charity. We are non-profit making, and all money we receive is ploughed back into preserving and promoting the past of the Heanor area -  this website, our Heritage Centre, our publications, talks and displays, are all examples of our work. If you would like to assist us, please leave us a donation, large or small, by clicking on the button above - all transactions are administered safely and securely by PayPal.



It is with deep regret that we have learned of the death of our colleague, and former chairman, Trevor Elliott, on 10 December 2014, after a short illness.

Trevor was born in Heanor, and after leaving school was apprenticed as a joiner. He worked his way up, via 15 years at Vic Hallam's, to become Managing Director of Gee Walker Slater Ltd of Derby. He also spent some time as a part-time lecturer at South East Derbyshire College.

Trevor had a keen interest in our local history, and, as well as being chairman of the society from 2009 to 2012, he was an active member of our publications’ team. He will be deeply missed, and we send our condolences to his widow and family.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 13 January. We meet at the Wilmot Street Centre, Heanor, at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of each month from September to May (if you don’t know where this is, there is a map on the Contact page). The January meeting sees our treasurer, Robert Mee, giving us a tour around Derbyshire’s Castles. As with all our meetings, entry is free - we will, of course, try to persuade to to become a member, or to buy a raffle ticket, but there is no commitment - everybody is welcome!

The 2015 Calendar is still available - for more details, go to the Calendar page.

New book now published - Then and Now (Part One) - The Changing Face of Heanor Town Centre - is now available from the Society - click on  the link for more details.

On the slideshow below, you can click on any of the photographs for a larger image.

Additional “new” pages - new versions have been added of all the links under ‘History by Area’, and we are making progress now with themed pages. Most importantly, we have added a brand new page on the Suffragette movement, and a couple of new photos on the St Lawrence’s church page. Under the heading of “The Society”, there is now a page which pulls together all our questionnaires - We want your memories!