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Latest Articles

Issue 415 (December 20) Santa Claus and Christmas edition showing events in late 1940’s, 1911, 1910 and 1900. Church Bells fundraising for St Lawrence Church and William Purdy from Bunkers Hill, Langley and his mining safety lamp.

Issues for October and November were cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic restrictions

Issue 414 (September 20) Bumper issue as we emerged from lockdown. Heanor Market a brief look at Public Transport.  People featured include local builder George Oldershaw, the entertainer Cecil BerleAlf Bestwick with his memoirs, and Mrs Adcock

Issue 413 (May 2020) – Digital only edition due to the Covid restrictions: 75th Anniversary of V.E.Day Celebrations around the area.

Issue for (April 20) was cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic.

Issue 412 (March 20)- Heanor’s Alfred Howitt and his mountain, Heanor on the F.A Cup trail, an unpleasant tale on Lee Lane and exploring the Cromford Canal.

Issue 411 (February 20) – More Television in the 1960, a look at local man Michael Knighton and Manchester United, and an odd tale of damage to a Police Station.   

Issue 410 (January 20) – Albert Hand and the Elvis Presley Fan Club, Lawrence of Arabia in Heanor, Test Pilot Cliff Rogers, the first Aircraft over Heanor,  Derbyshire in  Literature side, and the second part of Alf Bestwick’s memoir. And Miss Purchase.

Issue 409 (December 19) – A 1956 Christmas Party in Heanor and 1957 at Langley Mill.  Star Magician Eric Hawkesworth, a visit from Santa in 1908, and of course the annual Christmas Quiz!

Issue 408 (November19) The Midland General C9 bus route is the main article, plus How do you spell Ebenezer?  How Tesco Stores began, plus more 1960s Television, snippets on Cycling Clubs in Heanor and the Flying Scotsman at Langley Mill.  

Issue 407 (October 19) – “Just Alf”: Part 1 of Bestwick family memoir. The Case of Heanor Body Snatchers and Morleys Flying Wheel Designer Label.

Issue 406 (September19) More on the Cosy Cinemas and Raynors Mobile Theatre. along with the third part of  the I and R Morley history.  Was Blondin ever at the Jessop Monument and a Tale of a Winters Night.

Issue 405 (May 19) More on  I and R Morley history, plus newspaper snippets: the Giant Pig and Giant Turnips, the Heanor Empire, and reports of a Murderer arrested at Heanor in 1842. Samuel Watson and the need for local history societies.

Issue 404 (April 19) Television in the 1960s, ‘Ashfields’ on Mansfield Road and the Cricket Club and the military fall out about the ground usage.

Issue 403 (March 19)- Godfrey Howitt – the forgotten son.  Hudsons Bicycle Shop, The hosiery industry and beginnings of  I and R Morley, more history of Loscoe Dam area and collecting memorabilia as a youngster.

Issue 402 (February 19) Television in the 1950’s, and a local dialect. Recollections of a Garden Party at the Vicarage

Issue 401 (January 19)– Foundry Blown Down, and New Industry at Langley Mill, a Highway Dispute in 1865, the Miller Mundy’s Yacht Narcissus, along with Christmas memoriesPolice Difficulties, the Devil at Shipley and a Loscoe Suicide 1895.

Issue 400 (December 18-) 400th Edition and a look back with excerpts from back issues. The annual Christmas Quiz (and the editor has a stab at poetry!)

Issue 399 (November18-The Gunpowder Plot,  “Alf” a Langley Mill man at war,  Derby Road Co-op,  local actor Granville Saxton, poetry about Codnor Castle and Flooding at Langley Mill 1960.

Issue 398(October 18) – Shipley School After the War, plus the Heanor connection to Ladybird Books. G.R Turner Ltd.

Issue 397(September 18) – 50th  Year of Society and our time line. In the Lions Den,  Wm Gregg VC event in Heanor Park, Anderson Shelters,  Shipley School at War, to the Seaside by Train,  and the history of Raynesway and the Raynes Family.  

Issue 396 (May 18)– Cinemas of Langley Mill,  and a Midland General Bus trip “Heanor to Miami.” Case of Burglary at Heanor Hall,  and wartime rules on Feeding Birds and Daylight Saving Time  

Issue 395(April 18)–  Cinemas of Heanor, with local Ballroom Dancing and The Pitmen Painters.  

Issue 394 (March 18)- ATrip through Butterley Tunnel, Heanor Police Station,  the Birth of Heanor Technical School,  Ripley Morris at Brittania Park, and Loscoe Baptist Church. Plus some messages from Hoxton.

Issue 393 (February 18)– Hoxton Market Mission and more on the Caledonian Society. More detail about The Woodyard and the final part of the Dunkirk story.  Plus Heanor Liberal Club

Issue 392 (January 18)- 50 Years of Change,  “Spooky Goings On”,  the Heanor and District Caledonian Society, the recently discovered Hoxton PlaqueCelebrations at Codnor Park, and the fifth article on Dunkirk

Issue 391 (December 17) – Our traditional Christmas Quiz, followed by a look at Christmas in 1891.  The Woodyard is recalled. And we tell the story of Heanor’s connection with the Gunpowder Plot – Father Henry Garnet. Plus more on Dunkirk, and a piece on Skating and tragedy at Loscoe Dam

Issue 390 (November 17) – Gunpowder Treason and Plot  and Heanor’s “Grand Old Couple” in 1939. Plus more on the Milk Strike, the local firm of Colsons,  Langley Mill in 1780,  “Erewash to Radegund” and Part 3 of the Dunkirk feature.

Issue 389 (October 17) – Boy Clawed by Lion 1913,  Public House EphemeraHeanor Golf Club the second part of the Dunkirk article

Issue 388 (September 17) NEW FULL COLOUR FORMAT.  Presentation to Brian Key on his “retirement”, the 1950 Milk Shortagean obituary to Sue Harrison Gill, and Fairground Swings and Roundabouts. Bus Kills Cow taken from a local newspaper, followed by Animal Quips. Heanor Fire Station and part 1 of a six part Heroes safe from Dunkirk.

Issue 387 (May 17Another Step Back in Time event scheduled, the story of Aristoc, and Heanor and District over 60 years.

Issue 386 (April 17) – Radio Days, plus the contrasting lives of the Miller Mundy Family, the funeral of Thomas Mayfield, and an update on Heanor Market Place.   

Issue 385 (March 2017) – Final part of a Walk around Langley Mill, Alan Brougham on Pub Games and the planning of Heanor Market Place.

Issue 384 (February 17) A further Walk around Langley Mill, the demolition of Morleys Northside, an article on Becketts in Heanor and many snippets about Old Loscoe.

Issue 383 (January 17)- Quiz on local events in 2016, followed by the first part of a guided Walk around Langley Mill. Plus items from old newspapers on Loscoe Road Schools and Bus Queue Issues.

Issue 382 (December 16)- Threads article on Memorable Christmas, and the final parts of Heanor early in the 20th century and the history of I and R Morley.

Issue 381 (November 16)- More on Heanor early in the 20th century, plus I and R Morley from their own Threads magazine. Hi-tech Vic Hallams, and the 250th Anniversary of Langley Mill to Cromford Turnpike Road.

Issue 380 (October 16)- Heanor early in the 20th century, Shipley’s Last Squire and a conducted History on our Doorstep walk.

Issue 379 (September 16)-  Dad’s School and Work memories, a timeline of Shipley Country Park. and Shopping in Langley Mill

Issue 378 (May 2016)- Step Back in Time report and the launch of our latest book. The Loscoe Gas explosion, 30 years on, and Memories of 100 years ago. Plus Shipley Park at 40.

Issue 377 (April 16)- Step Back In Time event, Langley Mill over 100 years ago, Old Loscoe By-ways and more on Loscoe with Denby Lane Mission – a busy edition

Issue 376 (March 16) – More on Langley Mill over 100 years ago, along with a View of 1937 Coronation and memories of I and R Morley.

Issue 375 (February 2016)- Continuing a theme, we had Heanor around 100 years ago, along with articles on Audley Bowdler Williamson and Dr Turtons famous car R100.

Issue 374 (January 16)- New Year Quiz, and the final part on Shipley Park Memories.  We remember the Bravery Awards for Heanor men and boys, and look at a 1933 Ragtaghillian article. All this as the last deep coal mine closes in Yorkshire.

Issue 373 (December 15)- A “Derbyshire style Christmas Carol”, more Memories of Shipley Park, and Evacuees at Christmas 1944

Issue 372 (November 15) –J.M.Pearce, writing in the 1960s, looked back to Heanor in 1910,  along with an article on the exploits of Heanor Airman Harold Hunt. More Shipley Park memories, and a look back at Heanor Fairs from 1911.

Issue 371 (October 15) – A Tribute to Rev Ronald McMullen is followed by the second part of Roy Bamford’s Memories of Shipley Park. Plus an article on I and R Morley and reminiscences of childhood holidays.

Issue 370 (September 15)- Memories of coal mining, local football and Shipley Park, Heanor Wakes in wartime, and a 1916 story about a local man believed perished at sea. There was a 12 page supplement on First Job memories from our questionnaire.

Issue 369 (May 15) – The Life of a war refugee on Thorpes Road,  details of  the Opening of Heanor Gate School in 1965.

Issue 368 (April 15) – Obituaries on Tom Larimore and Ernest Poole, the life of Sir William Smith continued, and more local shop memories. Plus items on the First World War at G.R Turners, and on Jack Bamford and George Cross.

Issue 367 (March 15) – First part of the Life of Sir William Smith of Langley Mill, and the final part of Peter Chamberlain’s Memories of Langley Mill. Plus an article on local craftsman Bertram Dorrington. Also Heanor’s early history taken from 1953 Coronation Souvenir and further memories of Heanor Shops.

Issue 366 (February 15) – Update on Heanor Grammar School building and some details of its history, and another section in Peter Chamberlain’s Memories of Langley Mill. Plus an article on the recollections of Alfred Fisher in 1924 at Heanor Secondary School

Issue 365 (January 15)- Obituary on Trevor Elliott, an updated Society Logo, and a Memory Test on the events of 2014. Langley Mill Memories continued, along with an article on Local Suffragettes.

Issue 364 (December 14) – A bumper edition, with a 12 page supplement resulting from our shops questionnaire (the cost of this is £1.00). The main newsletter contains a quiz  on Heanor shops, an item on Belgian WWI refugees, the fire at Marlpool church in 1949, and Part 3 of Peter Chamberlain’s recollections of Langley Mill, 1930s to 1950s.

Issue 363 (November 14) – Terry Egglestone sent us Some memories prompted by our newsletters – something we always like to see! The second part of Peter Chamberlain’s Langley Mill, 1930s to 1950s, a newspaper report of the opening of Heanor’s new library (1959), and Heanor Gate School celebrates its first 50 years, and an article on Stepping Stones, Heanor’s Day-Care Centre, complete the edition.

Issue 362 (October 14) – An item on local connections in 18th century travel writings: Karl Moritz: Travels in England in 1782, the first part of a series on Langley Mill, 1930s to 1950s, and Belgium Refugees at Heanor during the first world war.

Issue 361 (September 14) – This contains The first world war – a local view, taken from a 1974 newspaper, along with reports on our July visit.

Issue 360 (May 14) – A commemorative issue to mark the centenary of Heanor’s royal visit, taken both from newspaper reports and from eye-witness accounts.

Issue 359 (April 14) – The concluding part of Wilmot Street, Heanor, in 1969 joined an article on Memories of Streets off Cromford Road, Langley Mill, a newspaper report of Heanor’s Races (1865), and local links to the High Sheriff of Derbyshire.

Issue 358 (March 14) – With the demolition of the pub, there was an article on The Coach and Horses, Loscoe, 1957 – 1969. There were also Richard’s Electrical Shop – Further MemoriesSome Local Memories by William Bullock, and Part 2 of Wilmot Street, Heanor, in 1969.

Issue 357 (February 14) – The three items this month were all from newspapers: Shopping on Cromford Road, Langley Mill, in the 1980sWilmot Street, Heanor, in 1969, and Messrs Fletcher’s new factory (1902).

Issue 356 (January 14) – A newspaper report on the Opening of St Mary’s Church, Langley, 1907 featured this month, along with articles on Richards’ Electrical Shop, Ray StreetWest’s Pit, Ilkeston Road (1873 – 1885), and the Sale of Loscoe Brickworks, 1958.

Issue 355 (December 13) – A seasonal quiz, an article on Holbrook Street written jointly by three of our members, Advertisements from 1953 Langley and Marlpool Coronation Brochure, an Ode to an air raid shelter, articles on a Heanor Town Centre Walk and Marlpool Pond, along with the parish magazine’s preparations for the Return from honeymoon of Rev. Claud Corfield (1906), together made a bumper 8-page Christmas edition of the newsletter.

Issue 354 (November 13) – I’ll go no more a-droving, by the late Tom Wathey, describes his boyhood wanderings in 1914, and was accompanied by an article on Codnor and Loscoe around 1900.

Issue 353 (October 13) – An MGO apprenticeship, an article sent in by a reader of the website, Steve Pearl, who gave some inside knowledge of the firm, while the second article was autobiographical: Lawrie Williamson – Heanor Artist. Interestingly, both contributors to this edition live overseas – these days you don’t have to live in the town to take an active part in the Society!

Issue 352 (September 13) – A tribute to Geoffrey Stone (1919 – 2013), last headmaster of Heanor Grammar School, and information about Alderman Florence Shipley, were included in an edition mainly given over to reports on our summer visits.

Issue 351 (May 13) – A postscript to the March article on Ormonde Colliery, a ditty from Pynegar’s Pantomime, and the Restoration of the Erewash Canal (1960s) were added to the Chairman’s annual report.

Issue 350 (April 13) – A newspaper article on Shopping in Heanor around 100 years ago, was joined by a 1975 map showing the owners of all the shops along Market Place, Market Street, Red Lion Square, and parts of Godfrey Street and Ray Street.

Issue 349 (March 13) – Two newspaper articles on the fatal  Thunderstorm at Heanor (1890), an item on Working at Ormonde Colliery (1918 – 1967), and a Postscript to the ‘Kill or Cure’ talk, January 2013, looking at opium poisoning, all featured this month.

Issue 348 (February 13) – An 8-page edition covered Georgiana Clinton (nee Miller Mundy), Duchess of Newcastle, Serious Fire at Morley’s Factory (1896), an advertisement for the sale by auction of the Poacher’s Rest, a large article, with annotated map, on Codnor Castle Deer Park, and a transcription of the Will of Thomas Wilson of Codnor, 1692.

Issue 347 (January 13) – The edition contains several newspaper items: Heanor’s Half-Crown (1913), sale of premises at Langley Mill (1903), an Exciting scene at Heanor (1907) (an accident with a milk wagon), and the Foundation stone laying at Loscoe Baptist Schoolroom (1905).

Issue 346 (December 12) – A Christmas quiz, and newspaper articles on the Visit of Sandy Powell to Heanor in 1939, and Changes to Heanor’s Street Names (1890).

Issue 345 (November 12) – The Society winning an Excellence in the Community Award took pride of place (along with a little history of the venue – the Devonshire Dome at Buxton). Other articles were on St Andrew’s Church, Langley Mill (1909), the role of the humble hat, and the Loscoe Miser (James Woolley).

Issue 344 (October 12) – The newspaper report of the Opening day of Ripley to Heanor Railway (1890), Ripley Hospital’s Centenary, and an 1854 Fete at Shipley, all featured this month.

Issue 343 (September 12) – The edition mainly comprised accounts of the summer’s activities, but there were short articles on Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, a Heanor connection with the Cadbury Chocolate family, and the still-surviving cricketing record set by  Codnor’s Arnold Warren.

Issue 342 (May 12) – To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the lead article looked at royal visits to the area, and there was also an Eye-witness account of the 1911 coronation.

Issue 341 (April 12) – Newspaper reports on the Death of Mr E. Miller Mundy (1920), Messrs Aristoc’s Developments (1938), and Steve Bloomer and the Loscoe Brook Farm connection (1970), all feature in this edition.

Issue 340 (March 12) – Newspaper articles from 1967 and 1960 told of Early Bus Companies around Heanor and the First self-service store for Heanor shoppers (Cresswell’s).

Issue 339 (February 12) – An article submitted by a member, Karen Eley, featured a Unique case for Dr Eames, detailing the injuries received by victims of a mining accident in 1899, and their were brief snippets on Captain Scott’s Polar Expedition, 1912, an accident to Mr Bunting the draper (1886), and an unusual marriage between John Stafford and Martha Wood in 1784.

Issue 338 (January 12) – This edition contained a local quiz, and a 1939 article on Hartshorn’s Coach Builder of Heanor.

Issue 337 (December 11) – The main part of the Christmas edition featured an article on Heanor’s Shops at Christmas 1900.

Issue 336 (November 11) – The second part of the Life and Times of Billy Belfield of Loscoe, and the description of the town from Kelly’s Directory in 1941.

Issue 335 (October 11) – A transcript of an interview with Billy Belfield, three times Chairman of the Heanor Urban District Council, an account (along with a plan) of Lockton Avenue Junior Girls’ School, and an article on Morley’s Home Guard.

Issue 334 (September 11) – An article on Shopping in Heanor, along with accounts of the summer visits.

Issue 333 (May 11) – This featured articles on J.T. Boam and Sons, the death of Sir Henry Cooper, and King Edward VIIs visit to Shipley.

Issue 332 (April 11) – A 1941 newspaper article described an A.R.P. Exercise at Loscoe, with a second article looking at a forerunner to G.R. Turners at Langley Mill.

Issue 331 (March 11) – An article on Prize-Fighting at Langley Mill, the second part of The Corfields by Mrs Claud Corfield, and a piece on Dr Dionysius Lardner Donovan.

Issue 330 (February 11) – Memories of Langley Mill, by Winnie Palmer (nee Eyre), and excerpts from The Corfields, by Mrs Claud Corfield, along with a look back at comedies on radio and television.

Issue 329 (January 11) – The Dusty Miller, the 1939 Langley Mill Carnival publication, included a local quiz – we reproduce it here (and it was pretty impossible to do!). There were also Bevin Boy Memories, sent in by readers of the website.

Issue 328 (December 10) – A local quiz, along with an article from 1950 on Heanor’s Christmas Tree, and excerpts from E.G. Thorpe’s novel ‘Chance Intruder’, which gives a glimpse of Loscoe Ninety years ago.

Issue 327 (November 10) – A local shop is recalled in Telefusion and other memories; life at the old Heanor vicarage is covered in Reminiscences of a German lady working in Heanor in 1949; and a newspaper report from 1828 records the arson at Marlpool Windmill.

Issue 326 (October 10) – This features articles on School holidays of yesteryear, the creation of Heanor Memorial Park, the medical activities at Heanor Hospital, 1939, and the 1950s dancing duo, The Two Condons.

Issue 325 (September 10) – As well as reports on our summer events, there was an article on the Closure of Ormonde Colliery, 1970.

Issue 324 (May 10) – An 8-page newsletter, containing articles on Early postal arrangements in Heanor, Boot’s stores in Heanor, Zeppelins over Ilkeston, “All at sea” clichés, the Deaths of Dr W.H. Turton and his son, Dr P. Turton, the Snow of 1947, the 1954 rail tour by the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society (RCTS) from Coppice Colliery to Nutbrook Sidings, and a special chartered excursion to Skegness in 1900 – a Splendid Outing!

Issue 323 (April 10) – The Origin of the Name ‘Shanakiel’, and part 2 of the Centenary of the Death of Florence Nightingale.

Issue 322 (March 10) – A number of articles: the Centenary of the Death of Florence NightingaleOld sayingsSheffield Manor LodgeHelen Fletcher, and a Langley Mill family emigrates to Australia (1878).

Issue 321 (February 10) – Coping with the snow (1912 – 1919) looks at the impact of bad weather on a local school; plus part 2 of A Trainee Manager at I & R Morley’s, an article on Stainsby House, and a press report of an Accidental death at Eastwood Colliery (1775).

Issue 320 (January 10) – This 8-pager includes articles on Helen Fletcher – local tennis star, the interviews broadcast when “Down Your Way” visits Heanor (1970), one man’s personal recollections as a Trainee Manager at I & R Morley’sLuddites, and Memories of Langley Mill sent by a website reader from Australia.

Issue 319 (December 09) – The second part of the article about Heanor Post Office in the late 1940s/early 1950s, a short quiz, an piece on Mathew Walker’s Christmas Puddings, a newspaper article on Christmas in Heanor, 1914.

Issue 318 (November 09) – Mary Field (nee Sheppard) writes about Heanor Post Office in the late 1940s/early 1950s (her father was a postman), and there are articles on Shipley Pottery, and a 1900 bazaar at Elnor Stree School.

Issue 317 (October 09) – Heanor – one month into World War Two look at how the town had been affected, Benjamin Eley’s recollections of the war are recorded in “They’ll want you across there”, and an excerpt from a 1935 jubilee souvenir describes Marlpool and Langley Industries.

Issue 316 (September 09) – is dedicated to the activities over the summer months.

Issue 315 (May 09) – as the Society reaches the end of its fortieth year, the main article looks at the highlights and achievements over the years. There is also a short article on Dr Turton’s car.

Issue 314 (April 09) – Part 2 of Memories of Woolworth’s, along with articles on Langley Mill and Aldercar Co-op Society Farms, and on being a Paperboy in 1950s Langley Mill.

Issue 313 (March 09) – Mary Field gives her Memories of Woolworths in the 1950s, and there were newspaper articles from 1934 (Morley outing to Blackpool) and 1970 (Demolition of Heanor Gate Station).

Issue 312 (February 09) – The main article this month is on Edward Smith (1818-1874): Heanor’s forgotten son, a medical pioneer. The Society’s newly reformed Publications Sub-committee sets out their plans for the next few years.

Issue 311 (January 09) – An old newspaper article on the Consecration of a New Church at Aldercar  in 1871 is accompanied by articles on John Rigdon Groom, and Codnor Memories.

Issue 310 (December 08) – Another eight-side newsletter includes the fourth and final part of John Sterling’s Memoirs. An Old Heanor Christmas Tale adds to the festive season, while the Heanor Music Festival of 1934 explains the background to a recent donation, of a silver medallion, to the Society. Finally, Smalley Church Bells includes details of the gift by the Rev. Charles Kerry, which resulted in the building of a new tower at the church.

Issue 309 (November 08) – Richard Bolitho – A Local Dambuster looks at the life of this former Heanor Secondary School pupil who died during Operation Chastise in 1943. The third section of John Sterling’s Memoirs is followed by an item entitled What’s in a Nickname.

Issue 308 (October 08) – An article on Langley Mill Co-op in the 1950s supplements the second piece of John Sterling’s Memoirs.

Issue 307 (September 08) – Another eight-sided newsletter (will this become the norm?) In Follow the Master: A History of Heanor Grammar School the author gives an overview of the Society’s  latest book, along with a selection of comments received so far.  Gas from the Water Tap – But Nothing to Worry About is a newspaper article from the 1950s which shows just how severe mining subsidence could be in the Heanor area, and on the Marlpool estate particularly. And John Sterling’s Memoirs, sent to us by Margaret Chan, are a fascinating account of this man (also known as John Sterland or Stirland), who was sent to work as a gardener at Shipley Hall in 1804, aged 9 years. The newsletter also reports on the May Meeting (Heanor Grammar School) and the Society’s two summer trips.

Issue 306 (May 08) – The second part of How Langley Mill Celebrated Royal Occasions is accompanied by a first-hand account, by John Potts, on his Experiences of a Reluctant Bevin Boy at Shipley.

Issue 305 (Apr 08) – How Langley Mill Celebrated Royal Occasions is a 1937 account of the subject by W.J. Angell. There is a further update on The Raynes Family of Heanor, and newspaper extracts on the Heanor Nursing Home Bazaar, 1931, and a 1967 report on Ormonde Colliery Not Closing.

Issue 304 (Mar 08) – Alan Charlton, who contacted the Society via the website, sent us a fascinating article on Family Tragedies, looking at mining and railway accidents which he has discovered in his family history. Dr William Roe of Heanor looks at the achievement of this 19th century man in founding the “Derbyshire Association in Aid of the Deaf and Dumb”. Short articles concern the Langley Mill Telephone Exchange, and the death of John Rigden Groom.

Issue 303 (Feb 08) – With all the local excitement over the television programme, Time Team at Codnor Castle gives a summary of what has been found during their excavations at the site. A newspaper article from 1949 relates to another celebrity, with the Visit of Jack Warner to Heanor.

Issue 302 (Jan 08) – A Heanor Connection with ‘Cranford’ looks at links between the author, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Heanor’s greatest writers, William and Mary Howitt. Alan Brougham recollects his earliest years Working at ‘Vic’s’, and a short piece recalls How Loscoe celebrated Peace in 1945.

Issue 301 (Dec 07) – The second part to the Memoirs of Betty Cooper describes Heanor Wakes and Heanor Carnival in quite some detail. An advertisement from the Langley Mill and Aldercar Co-op for the Top 20 records for Christmas 1963 shows that the Beatles had five separate entries at the time!

Issue 300 (Nov 07) – A special 300th edition contains twice the number of pages. In the Memoirs of Betty Cooper, a correspondent recalls her time working at Aristoc, and before that her school days. A Heanor Link with the Pentrich Revolution looks at the part played by a Heanor framework knitter, John Mackesswick. And in an article on Local Artists, Cyril Bell, William Rodway Barnes, Jack Dodsley and Carl Twigg all feature.  The back page features a number of advertisements for long-gone, but not forgotten, local companies.

Issue 299 (Oct 07) – A theory regarding the pre-Norman history of Codnor Castle takes prime position in this month’s newsletter.

Issue 298 (Sep 07) – An article on Edward (Neddy) Prince of Heanor, gives an account of a local character who was born in 1800. The first newsletter of the season, there are also accounts of the summer activities of the Society.

Issue 297 (Apr 07) – A pamphlet issued by the Langley Mill and Aldercar Co-operative Society Educational Department, 1936 gives some idea of the size of the enterprise at that time. A C9 Bus Timetable also accompanies the recent talk on the subject.

Issue 296 (Mar 07) – The newspaper report of the Re-opening of Heanor Church, 1868, together with an explanation of The “Monkey Run”, form the main articles. There is also an account of the early years of G.R. Turner’s, Langley Mill, and the fourth item on Carnival Bands, with details of the Contest at Heanor, 1938.

Issue 295 (Feb 07) – Articles include a contemporary report on the Rebuilding of Heanor Church, 1868, an account of Vic Hallam and the Derwent Building System, and a short item on Heanor Shops in the late 19th century.

Issue 294 (Jan 07) – The Black Sheep of the Family  item is concluded, and there are further items on the Heanor Runner (Edward Stainsby), the Spondon Coronation Band Visit to Langley Mill (1937), and also the rules of the Street Game “Rumstick”The Early Years of Vic Hallam covers the trials and tribulations of the company in the 30’s and 40’s.

Issue 293 (Dec 06) – The newsletter contains short articles on Heanor Midland Road Station, a Prize Fight at Horsley, and the Funeral of George Oldershaw. There is a second item on Carnival Bands of the 1930’s, and the beginning of  a genealogical search for the history of John Soult, “Black Sheep of the Family.”

Issue 292 (Nov 06) – A Noted Heanor Runner gives an account of the life of Edward Stainesby, born in 1825, who ended up making a living from prize races. Local Carnival Bands of the 1930’s details the establishment of the Langley Mill Jubilee Band in 1935.

Issue 291 (Oct 06) – Memories from Oz are the childhood reminiscences of Wyn Nelson – originally from Langley Mill. John Allport of Smalley gives a potted history of the life and death of the head master at Smalley School in the mid 19th century.

Issue 290 (Sep 06) – The Miller Mundy Divorce, 1881 gives details of the court case following the elopement of Mrs Miller Mundy with Lord Shrewsbury, and a dramatic chase across Europe by the wronged husband! What a scandal for the area. Being the first newsletter after the summer break, there are also reports on the spring meetings and visits.

Issue 289 (Apr 06) – Harold Brocklesby – A Story of my Life continues from the time that he went down the pit, at the age of 14, until he was injured in 1939. Memories of a Wartime Evacuee is Reg Crook’s reminiscences of being sent to Loscoe from Surrey in 1944.

Issue 288 (Mar 06) – Heanor’s Connections with the Raynes Family looks at the Heanor roots of the Raynes family, which included the first Labour Mayor of Derby, and a missionary after whom a church in Ohio, USA, is named. Harold Brocklesby – A Story of my Life gives a highly personal account of this man’s childhood, up until 1914 – a fascinating picture of times now forgotten.

Issue 287 (Feb 06) – An article on Arnold Warren, of Codnor, gives details of his cricketing life, and his part in the Ashes series of 1905. The Diaries of John Goodwin conclude with him moving away from the area in 1933. And Heritage Ignorance looks at the views of our local politicians in the 1960’s regarding the preservation of the Codnor Castle Dovecote.

Issue 286 (Jan 06) – It’s in the Paper – it must be True! looks at a confused newspaper article from 1876 about the “Postman’s Inn” at Codnor, the continuing Diaries of John Goodwin sees the author leaving home in 1927,  and the Miller Mundy Family Tree summarises the genealogy of the principal family of the area.

Issue 285 (Dec 05) – A Christmas Quiz, and recollections of an Airship over Heanor (the R101 in 1929), are followed by the main article on the Ilkeston and Heanor Waterworks, 1902. The Diaries of John Goodwin continue, with details of his family’s first crystal set in the 1920’s.

Issue 284 (Nov 05) – A timely article on the link between Heanor and the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, is accompanied by the third part of the Street Games article. The Diaries of John Goodwin give details of life in Heanor in the first half or the twentieth century.

Issue 283 (Oct 05) – The article on Street Games continues, accompanied by old newspaper articles on Fishing Matches (1937) and on Loscoe arsonists of 1892.

Issue 282 (Sep 05) – The main article covers a major fire at Calvert and Lovatt’s Art Pottery, Langley Mill, in 1892. There is also the start of an article on Street Games of the past, contributed by members of the internet discussion forum, together with reports on the Society’s trips in the spring.

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